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How to mow the lawn in your garden in a fast time

Read our tips and help on how to save time on cutting the grass in your garden. What type of lawn mower should you buy? What size of cutting width is best for cutting the grass fast? How to mow the lawn...


1. Use a lawnmower that has a wide cutting width, this will reduce the number of times you have to go up and down the length of the garden.

2. Invest your money on a good quality mower, over time this will reward you by being less prone to breaking down and will make the gardening job of mowing feel easier.

3. Reduce the spent on emptying your mower grass collection box. This can be done by consider purchasing a mulching mower or one that has a large capacity cuttings bag (or box) to reduce time spent picking up and emptying the grass clippings

4. Clear the grass of children's toys, the pets toys, stones and other debris before you start

5. Cut the lawn only when it is dry, damp or wet grass is more difficult to mow.

6. To avoid missing areas or spots of your lawn make sure that the line between the cut and uncut grass stays inside the mower’s front wheels

7. Try to make long straight cuts as turning the lawnmower takes extra time. Fewer turns mean less time taken away from the actual mowing work.

8. Try to keep up a fast walking pace while mowing your lawn.

9. With an electric machine keep the trailing mains cable behind you at all times.

10. Keep you lawn mower in good condition. Petrol models should have a winter service as well as a minor check-over before the Spring gardening season starts. Keeping your lawnmower in good working order will reduce the likeliness of faults appearing which will lose you valuable time in getting the mower fixed.





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